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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Life Update


It's been awhile and there's quite a bit to update so I'll skip the formalities and lay it all out. As they said, no reason to stay is a good reason to go. That's right. For a very long period of time I was in a serious state of feeling depressed and which is a very generous adjective. I felt like a free-floating life raft, lost its direction and intension, lost its purposes. I was just about exist. I was constantly scoping and scraping, trying to factor the situation but I seemed to only making matters worse. So I made the decision of leaving San Francisco. It may not be the most wanted answer for myself but finally there's an ending sight to the misery, and that's something to look forward to.

I always pride myself as a person who can make the move at the right time and I always dare to fight my way back from the rock bottom; because 'fear' is just a fugitive thought. Everything comes in a full circle; all I can do is use what feels right, and throw away the rest. Of course the way to recovery is a long journey, (and I never liked life well enough) but there's always small celebrations to add to the smaller days. And now I'll stop badgering.



Photo: Lisa Pao (look 1) & Jaz Bradley (look 2). Post Production by yours truly

It's Never Goodbye

These photos were taken two summers ago with Seina, whom I wish I could have met sooner.As a overseas dweller, I say farewell to friends quite often; if you are also one of us, you must know the feeling of always confronting goodbyes. Departing sucks, seeing loved ones waving goodbyes is even worse - you are left alone back into the everyday grind and wondering how's the other side of the world. Over times, I thought I grow better at it but it's never so easy. However, I've learned to accept that, it's never goodbye; it's having a good friend residing in a different city, waiting for you to visit; until then, we shall all be living our lives fully, strong and well, when the reunion arrives upon us, it'd be like we've never parted.


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