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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




City Livin' | San Francisco - Alameda Flea Market / Antique Fair

It is the time of the month for treasure hunts! Alameda Flea Market is my favorite in the Bay Area. It's never boring with over 800 booths and the variety of the goodies; from furniture to decorations, from antique jewelry to handmade art. This flea market never disappoints. In case of being dazzled by the miscellaneous items and the overwhelming quantities of objects, go with budget and stick with your initial targets. At least that's what I've leaned from my always-go-over-budject experiences.

Alameda always blessed the treasure hunting day a great weather! My friends and I spent about three hours and all came out with handful amount of good stuff. I love going to flea market with friends cause you see each other's taste of life :) 

暌違幾個月又整裝前往跳蚤市場啦!這個 Alameda 跳蚤市場是我在灣區最喜歡逛的一個,佔地大攤位多種類齊全,不論是傢俱、裝飾、珠寶或是其他有的沒的,只要你想的到的都有。除了醫院用醫療椅,我還看過紅綠燈跟電話亭,無奇不有啊。美國的跳蚤市場和台灣的不太一樣,東西不是只是「舊」而已,更多的是年代久遠但保存良好的「古物」。市場規劃良好,攤位雖多但動線佳,逛起來不擁擠。喜歡老東西風味的人,來到這裡尋寶一定會失心瘋,因為實在太多東西可以看了。要保持理智最重要的祕訣就是一定要預設花費額度,還有堅持只買想尋找的東西,除非是真的非常非常非常難得的好東西,不然一定會再看到類似或是更好的。每次跟朋友一起去,特別喜歡看看大家都挖到什麼寶,每個人的眼界和喜愛的物品不盡相同,很有趣。此外,像我們攝影系拍作品需要很多道具都會來這裡挖,古物的樣子非常上相,就算是個人收藏也是很有品味的。迫不及待再回來啦。

Alameda Flea Market Info:
1st SUNDAY, every month

6:00 AM to 7:30 am $15.00 
7:30 am to 9:00 am $10.00 
9:00 am to 3:00 pm $5.00 


Some of the stuff I really LOVEd but they weren't my original target so I had to give up with my heart bleeding. I started collecting vintage purses since I started going to flea markets. Many of them are in great condition and the retro design is something you can never find in the current market.   


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Food truck is also an attraction for us every time we visit the flea market. The Chairman steam buns are our favorite! 

I find this creepy doll head adorable 👶

| Our Purchase | 

Vintage Jewelries are always on my top list. I also found a very beautiful cig case at the very last minute.

Eda got a pair of glasses, a constellation map, a suitcase, a deco tree and a ceramic case with poker cards within.

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