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Brand Focus: Alexander Wang S/S 2015

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
原標題「看大仁哥如何把時尚極簡完美結合運動風」為 EVERYDAY OBJECT 版權所有|文章原始連結

I am not trying to sound exaggerated but Alexander Wang did a wonderful job on the newest S/S collection. Combining sneaker and fashion is already a overplayed trick from designers but oh god, this is what I meant when sports collide with fashion perfectly. Just take a look at that color blocking and the wavy patterns, obviously it's something totally sneaker inspired. As well as the mesh and shoe holes and zippers are something I am very attracted to. OH and also the sneaker sole turned into a clutch? I mean, HELLO! The resembles are absolutely edgy. Though sneakers are often in some crazy colors, A. Wang didn't down play his signature black and white and grey color palette and futuristic image. He kept himself on tangent and it's so effortless and so renovated.

Alexander Wang 的黑白俐落帶點都會洗練的風格一直是許多人的愛好。最新春夏設計來自於到運動球鞋的靈感,王大仁說運動鞋在他成長的年代非常盛行,自己每日也都是愛好者,那為什麼不把這個元素帶進設計裡呢?於是在剛落幕的紐約時裝周,AW 又帶給大家新的視覺饗宴!說到球鞋的設計元素,不外乎大膽配色和流線線條,要如何結合品牌帶點未來感的形象成了此系列最大的特徵。AW 在材質上下了很多功夫,合身洋裝配上網眼切割,皮革與透風孔的混合,腰身的線條設計也是在球鞋上常見的細節;手拿包的底部就做成鞋底的樣子,甚至是鞋帶孔與拉鏈也沒有被遺忘,輕鬆不經意的時尚感是 AW 最要求的特色,在這一季當然也是大放異彩!

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