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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Brand Focus: Art & Science by Sonya Park

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
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I was fascinated by the a product that Yataro Matsuura mentioned in his book, which was a set of beautiful white matches designed by Korean-Japanese Stylist Sonya Park and was sold in her concept store Art & Science. The story of it was because she did not like the cheapo lighters hanging around the house and then decided to design and produce her very own matches to go along with the lifestyle. The concept of Art & Science is "lifestyle as a whole with fashion as one important essence: To Wear, To Dwell, To Eat." Fashion is just a tool. Being able to manifest the wistful and the practical perspective of it is the key to balance the fashion in life. Lifestyle is the oldest fashion of fashion, if you ask me. Only the genuine quality of life can bring you a true personally style. 

近日在閱讀松浦彌太郎的書籍時,文中提到了由韓籍造型師 Sonya Park 所經營的 Art & Science。起因是因為不到喜歡的某項產品而創造的自有品牌,販售各項因為各種動機而產生的商品。「要是覺得這世上缺少了什麼好東西,就以此為職志、自己創造。這真是非常健康的觀念」,松浦先生這麼說。於是我研究起這個品牌,發現這個品牌的每一個商品每一個頁面都在傳遞一種觀念:品味是一種對生活不必要之掌控。沒錯,時尚只是生活品味極小的一部份,而那一部分應該與真實生活沒有太大的差異,不應該是用假裝堆疊出來。時尚也許光鮮亮麗,但真正的生活,應該是簡單的真實感。能夠擁抱這樣的態度,應該才夠資格成為時尚人士吧。


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