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Favorite Australian Bloggers!

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Australian style bloggers are some of my favorites aside from Nordics. They distinguish themselves away from the American mainstream yet earn a special spot in the industry with their personal fashion sense. I don't know if it's the southern atmosphere or water or what, but oh god they have very VERY good taste. The six bloggers I have here don't repeat themselves from others because each of them are so unique with their beauty and their sweet choice of dressing - so outstandingly fresh. 


Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three 

I can't even recall how many years it has passed since the day I discovered this gorgeous Asian beauty and fell awfully in love with her style.  Margaret, as a photographer herself, has a extraordinary aesthetic in fashion. Her self-portraits contribute largely on her website and man, they are good.

Margaret 可以說是澳洲部落客元老級的人物。很早期就開始寫時尚的她,現在也兼職攝影師,世界各地的活動跑來跑去,屬於個子小但是風格非常大氣有範的類型,加上獨特的東方氣質,讓她在歐美非常受歡迎。

Jessica Stein from Tuula

I mean, with a body figure like that, I don't see anything that Jessica can't pull off. Her style is so model off duty, always effortlessly chic.

身材非常高挑的 Jessica 是天生的衣架子,不論穿起褲裝裙裝都像是模特兒走秀台。她的風格一項俐落簡單,很有紐約 model off duty 的隨性大方。

Zanita Morgan from Zanita

Here comes my personal favorite Aussie blogger, Zanita. I love how she places androgyny in style and her charming personality. Lots of her outfit are well balanced between sporty chic and modern city girl vibes, which is not my forte but I am obsessed with whoever is capable of rocking it; which this model turned photographer is one of a kind in this category.  

今天介紹的幾位當中,我最愛的就是她!現任全職攝影師的 Zanita 由於是模特兒出身,於是非常清楚自己的身材優劣勢,她的風格充滿女性的爽朗自信,時而加以運動風或是紳士風,混搭 unisex 是她最擅長的風格,非常非常愛!

Nicole Warne from GaryPepper

Who doesn't know this beautiful so-called Australian's most successful fashion blogger? I mean it is a big name but I think Nicole is well-deserved. Her aesthetic and hardworking on the industry proved that fame does not come at ease. 

Nicole 有可能是大家最為熟知的澳洲部落客了,她所參與的品牌合作以及商業計劃不計其數。她最讓人有印象的就是她擅長活用鮮豔明亮的顏色組合,撞色卻不失經典的韻味,是很會玩顏色的高手。

Jess Tran from Jess Loves Fred

When I was in New York this past August I had the honor to meet this lovely girl and spent some quality time together. Like I told her, and here to tell you, she has one of the most sincere blog I've ever read. Coming from a serious internet lurker, a.k.a. myself, it defiantly means something. Go check her blog out and you'll see what I mean.  

Jess 也是我個人很愛的部落客,個子非常嬌小但卻很會穿出比例。經常混搭 prints 卻不顯聒噪搶戲,是混圖高手。前陣子有機會與目前居住紐約的她會面聊天,是非常親切可愛的一位。

Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley

Sara is always minimal. Black or white or grey, she has a beautiful taste that goes with everything she wears. Always clean shaped but never boring. I lover her tendency, very calming and classy.  

Sara 熱愛極簡。她的風格永遠那麼乾淨簡單,卻不會顯得無聊,經典樣式是她最愛收集的單品,於是搭配出的穿搭也非常舒服耐看。

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