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Style Focus: Bloody Roses

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
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I believe that every style has more than just stereotypes. And for those who're able to create other than simply following templates require some obtained skills. I saw an article about this Vietnamese blogger Vu Thien from Bloody Roses on WWW and was immediately falling for her personal style; a little bit Gothic, yet a little bit girly. Although it is not my taste, but she handles it so well that I admire her balance between these two extreme elements.

Let's take a look - all black, checked. Dark plum lips, checked. Creepers, checked. Badass attitude, checked. But let's look deeper - miniskirts? fishnet stockings? Flowy white dress? Those are something I wouldn't think of when talking about Goth. I am not a punk influenced girl but I can totally appreciate what she pulls off in her style. 

看多了光鮮亮麗的高街時尚以及總是笑容可掬部落客,今天來介紹一位來自越南,完美演繹暗黑歌德風的部落客- Vu Thien 與她的部落格 Bloddy Roses。許多人都誤以為穿得一身黑,穿上厚底 creeper,擦上深色唇膏就是歌德風,事實上歌德風的細節比你想像的還多。

Vu Thien 的風格很明顯的深受龐克影響的風格,但除了印象中的厚底鞋,大量塗鴉踢恤還有深色口紅之外,屬於 Bloody Roses 的暗黑風格其實還有很多女孩元素;迷你裙,小蕾絲短襪,碎花或全白色洋裝等等,不但中和了這個風格強調的大量暗色比例,也創造出了獨一無二的自我風格。

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