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Brand Focus: Bonne Maison

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I am a socker. It means a sucker for socks. Yup, I just made that word up so you know how much I care about socks. It completes an outfit and adds that extra spice to the whole look. It is also a challenge to style cause the wrong one can destroy the harmony of the entire coordination. If you pay attention to photos from Pitti Uomo, you'll understand what an important role socks plays. I personally think that should apply to woman's fashion more. Bare ankles are not that good for you, ladies.

That's why I pay so much attention to the welt. Because it is the most visible area if you're not wearing anything that's long enough to cover up the ankles. There are many socks brands but not all take care of the welts. Enjoy shopping away on Bonne Maison!

我想,不用多解釋,大家都已經很明白襪子的重要性了。不管怎麼樣的穿搭,加上一雙設計襪子,就能讓搭配增加玩味,提升整體感。 在網站上已經向大家介紹過那麼多來自世界各地優秀的襪子品牌,今天就要再多告訴妳一點。來自法國的好房子 Bonne Maison,讓人一開始逛,就會不斷按加入購物車。

不曉得大家挑襪子的重點是什麼?對我來說,好看的設計、精緻的細節之外,很重要的是束口處。老實說,襪子腳底或腳背不管設計多好看,以中長襪來說,如果穿的不是露出很多腳背的鞋子,鞋一穿上其實襪子可見之處只剩一半。如果是短版襪,那簡直就是穿心酸的(或是只有在需要脫鞋子的場合才能愛秀一下)。所以露出來的地方就非常重要。Bonne Maison 的襪子,即使是幾乎每雙束口都有特別照顧到,露出來不尷尬,非常好。那麼,不打擾妳,慢慢逛。

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