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Brand Focus: Bryr from San Francisco

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Fashion is cruel; especially with trends. It comes and goes, never waits. But to some people, trends are worth shifting into timeless classics. With devoted time and passion, Bryr is a San Francisco based hand-making clogs studio produced under designer, Isobel.

Using European woods and American leather, Bryr means to care in Swedish. "I believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things", said by the designer. She thinks that the shoes we put on should be taken care as the food we intake everyday - fair and sustainable. The products Bryr intended to carry are timeless, well-made clogs that will stay chic and beautiful even in 20 years.

時尚的來去是不留情面的,特別是屬於流行的東西,熱潮一過彷彿就失去了價值。但對於某些人來說,有值得專注的事情,是能讓人投資很大的熱情以及時間來完成。來自美國舊金山的女鞋品牌 Bryr 就是在這樣的心意下誕生的。使用歐洲原本以及美國皮革,這個完全手工製作的品牌有著品牌創辦人同時也是設計師 Isobel 很大的熱誠。在瑞典,Bryr 的意思是「用心(to care)」。秉持著這樣的本質,Isobel 認為穿在腳上的鞋子應該要和每天享用的食物一樣被仔細眷顧,應該要在不斷練習與嘗試之後,製造出能持久,擁有良好的承受力,並且不受時間潮流而退燒的產品;一雙即便二十年後,還是很美好的鞋子。

With that said, Isobel also started a namesake blog to document her interviews with her customers. They are moms, artists, designers, and even politicians. They are the inspiration and motivation of the creativity. I truly admire the spirit behind the brand and wishing one day, the same dream but more practices will be executed just like hers.

Isobel 甚至還開了一個品牌同名部落格專門訪問她的消費者,有的是設計師,有的是一般的時尚愛好者,有的甚至是政治人物。這些人,是她的靈感來源,也是他的創作動力。這樣的夢想力實踐力一樣高的品牌經營,相當不容易。

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