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Trend Report: Camel For Fall

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Camel is such a fall color. It is a color full of sensors: the smell of the slightly burnt shell on top of the cream brûlée...or the sound of stepping on the piles and piles of fallen leaves along the sidewalks. I adore such a delicate color. Even though summer is still lingering, but I can't wait to find a perfect maxi or oversized camel coat to snuggle in the cold cold weather.

每到秋天,焦糖色就準會成為焦點色。我覺得,焦糖色是很「有感」的顏色,那溫暖的色澤,像焦糖又像落葉,光看著都像可以聞到烤布丁的香味或者聽到一腳踩在路邊落葉堆上的聲音,總之是一個很適合秋季的顏色。雖然夏天彷彿依然流連不去,但看著這一件件長版和 oversized 大衣,已經迫不及待秋天的到來了! 

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