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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




City Livin' | San Francisco - Daisy Dream in Union Square

There's always something going on in Union Square. This time we have some gigantic daises/clouds thing standing there looking yummy (am I the only one thought about cotton candies?). It is the new Daisy Dream perfume from Marc by Marc Jacobs testers stall, giving free fans away which sprayed with the scent, of course. I don't particularly crazy about the scent but it is a lovely encounter anyways!   

舊金山市區的聯合廣場每天都有不一樣的事情發生,或許是免費音樂演奏或是品牌宣傳活動,總之來這裡晃晃總是不會無聊。今天遇見的是 MbMJ 的雛菊香水發放扇子與香水試聞,雖然沒有特別喜歡這個味道,但是在角落那兩朵不知道究竟是雛菊還是雲的東西,看起來很好吃,我們還藉機拍了個穿搭僅此記錄一個午後偶遇。

 | Ariel's Outfit |

Dress, flats: Zara | Pullover: All Saint |  Necklace: Black Market SF | Rings: Vintage, H&M | Scarf: Jil Sander (borrowed from Eda) |

| Eda's Outfit |

Top: All Saint | Skirt: Mo&co | Flats: Jimmy Choo | Shades: Marc Jacobs | Necklace: Links | Watch: George Jenson | 

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