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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Brand Focus: Cosmic Collection By Mr. Kate

Castellations markers around the neck and a astrological zodiac sign on the torso or gold freckles on the cheeks like cluster stars in the milky way? The moon's wax and wane? YES YES YES. Mr. Kate has once again topping the game of transferable stickers. This Cosmo Collection inspired by the galaxy really is a beautiful feature. I appreciate the creativity of transforming the imagination of the universe into a style opportunity. Can't wait to stock up some for Outsideland this summer!

Mr. Kate 推出新的轉印宇宙系列,把星際與座標貼在身上臉上,搶眼的金屬色非常衝突又可愛死了。特別是把整片金箔般小碎片貼在脖子上,夏天到了時候我要這樣去參加音樂祭。

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