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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Outfit | Joshua Tree

Before we go any further into the details, I reckon I should drop you the knowledge of that the photography in is post (and the following two more posts) is done by yours truly herself in the middle of a burning land with a tripod. Seriously though, I do not understand why I thought taking self-portraits in a 100°F/38°C+ desert was a good idea; if you cannot yet tell by my master photoshop skills, I was literally turning pink after twenty minutes standing alone with no shades and was almost evaporated from the ground by the end of the shoot. Enough fable, let's talk about the shoot. 

I keep thinking if I had a someone to shoot with, I could probably do better than photographing myself. Hypothetically, if I have a someone to travel with, we photograph each other, get lost together, and be on the road again together; we talk and we laugh, and we share my silence (very important). I know I should refrain the Pieces overtaking me, but if you have no one to share the scenic reality, it's like you've never been there. Therefore, I hope I did okay with this shoot, so you get to share my vision, cyber-ly. Isn't that kinda romantic, too?  



Asos slip dress | American Apparel pants | Mango necklace | Urban Outfitter shades |

Photography by yours truly

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