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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




City Livin' | Tainan: Dou Maison / 兜空間

DOU MAISON, the only urban touch in my Taiwan trip and I am absolute dying for this place. Art directed by Stephane Dou And ChangLee YuGin, a new concept store is birthed with fashion, food, fragrance, furnishing, and art gallery. It is my dream studio in reality. The pure noir and blanc indicated the taste of the designers and I adore the face that art is everywhere is this house - yes, I called it a house because that is so deeply attached in this building.

Dou Maison / 兜空間是我在台南的另一個驚喜。同樣又是老屋翻新的主意,但是兜空間是全然的摩登氛圍。時裝、美食、香氛、傢俱、還有藝廊,我夢想中的工作室大概就會是這個樣子。純粹的黑與白在這裏一點也不顯刻意,大量的自然採光,隨處可見的藝術品,這樣充滿生活態度的店,千萬只隱居在台南就好。

First Floor: Fashion with DOUCHANGLEE

Fourth floor: Dou Maison Gallery 

Third floor: Esscent / 伊聖詩 & Fabrik / 加工廠

Second & first floor: Sonnentor Cafe / 日光大道廚坊

Dou Maison / 兜空間

臺南市中西區中正路 31 號
(06) 221-9169

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