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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




City Livin' | NYC - Dumbo

My friend Wennie finally came visit me from Boston! Even though we've only split for 2 weeks, it still felt like forever. After her arrival we headed to Flushing, scavenged some dim sum and finally drove to Dumbo! 

終於到了文妮開車來紐約找我的這一天。雖然距離上次見面才兩個禮拜之久,但是因為每次都玩太開心所以感覺好久喔。吃了飲茶之後開車前往當寶 Dumbo!

First stop at One Girl Cookies. I am very much in love with the industrial interior and the lighting they use is ah-mazing. Check out my lighting installation collection on instagram with #lightinginstallationlover / 很喜歡的咖啡館,裝潢和氛圍都很棒。

About my outfit 

Dress: All Saints | Shades: Karen Walker | Shoes: Zara

I adore this one piece dress by All Saint so much. The low cut at the side is creating a perfect silhouette of layers but it's actually one piece. All Saint is doing it right recently with this collection of dresses. The fabric is very comfortable and the designs are divine. As for the ring game, you know it's totally normal if you know me well ; )  

All saints 最近的洋裝都做得好美,料子舒服之外(很貼要小心)剪裁也都設計得挺不錯。這一件假兩件式的設計做的很有質感,我一般不買「假」兩件,一方面對自己混搭還滿有信心,更重要的是假兩件式很多質感都不好。而這件外面那層短板側邊的摟空也沒有黏死,所以風吹的時候衣服皺摺非常自然,很喜歡。

About the view

Dumbo is simply perfect for hang-outs. I can never get bored of this place and view. / 悠閒的走或是胡亂拍照都沒有所謂

We ended tonight with the classic landscape of Brooklyn and some contemplated girls talk on life. That's the best part when hanging out with your best friend; you never need to worry about time will kill your friendship - 'cause you hook it right back every time you hang.


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