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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Event | Icon Union x Mulberry

Two weeks back my friend Eda invited me to anticipate an event that was hosted by a Chinese Student Association "Icon Union" at the Mulberry store located in the SF downtown. I was never interested in this kind of socializing occasion but this time I decided to go for the sake of blogging and a free tote bag (no shame, ya'll). The whole event I was sticking to a sales assistant Nicole who's very sweet and with her, I got to know a little bit more about the path and circulation of the store - they have a gallery/event space at the third floor with beautiful window light and painted-white brick walls!

受到朋友的邀約去參加這個由一個中國留學生成立的學生團體在舊金山市中心 Mulberry 店裡舉辦的交流見面會。我從來不參加這種活動的,但是因為有空(還有免費帆布袋,笑)就打算去瞧瞧這種團體所舉辦的活動是什麼樣子,好歹我也是有當過類似團體會長的經驗。活動還可以,但我從頭到尾唯一交到的朋友是店員,笑。聊天過程得知 Mulberry  店裡三樓有一個與店面同大的開放空間可以舉辦活動或展覽,有很好的採光及動線,真棒。

The Cara Bags

Today is also the Cara x Mulberry collection releasing day!  

今天也是英國名模 Cara Delevingne 和 Mulberry 合作設計包款上市的日子 

Mulberry Store

The interior details of the Mulberry San Francisco. I especially adore the drop-down lighting installation from the high ceiling and the open space at the 3rd floor, where unfortunately is closed on the event day.  


Our Outfits

Us with outfit details - Ariel on the let and Eda on the right. We dresscode-d ourselves with black & white!


The event was okay I have to say, but the Mulberry was kind enough to raffle two free classic bags which unluckily, I wasn't the winner. But I had a great time hanging out with my friend and a new friend :) 

活動整體來說還可以,有點虎頭蛇尾之外,場地獎品等規劃算是很有誠意。總之就是開開心心的參加活動,開開心心地離開囉。謝謝 Eda 找我來玩。

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