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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Everlane Open Studio

Finally committed to an Everlane open studio event; new year, new me! 2016, for me, is a year to really set goals and try my best to achieve as many as possible. I always tell myself and many of my closest friends to JUST DO IT - I know this makes me sound like your nagging mom but what I am talking about is, determination matters. I am, to be honest, the last person on earth to talk about determination and my confidence are always in the red. But the truth is, I have done loads of things that exceeded my expectation only because I pushed myself and did it. In the beginning of the new year I was worried. I usually am particularly well-suited to life in doubts and can handle whatever threw at me but this time I really sense the challenging and unknown is approaching. But hey, the year has just began, right? Let's see what the year brings me; good and bass, up and downs, I'm ready.

相當喜愛的舊金山網路品牌 Everlane 近年來大受歡迎。幾乎每個月都會舉辦公開活動,今年一開始我也終於前往他們的辦公室一探究竟了。全白基底的空間,大窗子與開放的空間,太令人嚮往了。是個很振奮士氣的環境。


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Photo by yours truly & Eda

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