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Brand Focus: The Modren Loafer

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
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How do I begin with my love for The Modern Loafer? One of my favorite local brand Everlane has finally released their own designed shoes with a classic look and genuine leather loafer. I am really pleased to see the design of the shoes kept the classical tune of the brand, with a very edgy touch; the minimal play out is as eye-catching as many other bold designs can achieve -  the statement is subtle yet so direct. The release of the loafer is perfect for the seasons change; each color is autumn appropriate that I want every single one of them to be my closet essential.

Everlane 這一個在舊金山創立,目前邁向四年的美國本土品牌,是一個新興起的質感品牌。風格清新簡約,商品主打經典百搭風格,已經成為我想要採購經典款式衣物的首選品牌。今年春天,他們也正式推出了第一雙自有設計製作,使用完全義大利進口的真皮的經典鞋款,The Modren Loafer。極簡設計,沒有讓多餘的綴飾遮掩了一雙好鞋最該擁有的柔軟度與流線,每一款色澤都經典百搭,讓人忍不住想把每一種顏色都帶回家。在 instagram 上搜尋 #TheseLoafers 的話,可以看到已經入手這雙美鞋的人的每日搭配。不管搭配哪一種風格都零死角的美麗啊。

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