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Exhibition | NYC: Jeff Koons

Last week in New York was with a busy schedule of exhibitions and shows. The biggest reason why I frequent NYC so much is because of the opportunities and resources. A lot of people freaked out knowing me staying in NYC by myself for so long (usually at least month) and hanging around all by myself. Yes, I go everywhere and I eat by myself, but being very frank to you, it is not as difficult as you may have imagined. NYC is a city that everybody is alone. 



Scenes like this would probably not be noticed if I wasn't alone. 


Today's agenda is the Jeff Koons' exhibition at Whitney Museum. I am glad that I hopped on the final train of this media hot news before it ended. By the time you reading this, the exhibition is over and the museum has closed down and relocating to Meatpacking. This is Whitney's last show! But don't worry, Whitney is coming back in Spring. I'm very excited to visit the new face in the near future.

今天跑來上東區的惠特尼博物館(Whitney Museum)看Jeff Koons這個展可是這次的重頭戲,而且博物館即將在這個展覽結束之後,休館搬遷至 Meatpacking,明年春天才會再重新開放。很好奇下一次見到的新面貌會是如何,但這一次的展覽,非常優秀!


Checking out the outlook and interior of the building is of course a very important thing to do.


This exhibition is a site-wide exhibition; from first to fifth floors are dedicated to Jeff Koons, which is amazing. Koons is definitely one crazy talented that deserves a whole building solo show - each floor showcased different medium that he used.    

這個展覽是全館式的秀場,對於一個藝術家來說,這應該是最高的榮耀了吧。但 Jeff Koons 肯定是一個值得包館展覽的藝術家。這次的展覽包含了他的雕塑、畫作、以及裝置藝術等等各方面的創作都很完整。

Started off with Sculpture at first floor.


The New - an obsession of both art and consumer culture. 

第二層是使用吸塵器創作的裝置雕像,也是 Koons 的第一個展覽作品。

Statuary - here comes the work that defined Koons as New York's best young artist back in '86. Using stainless steel, a material that's often used for pen and pots instead of fine art, Koons' novelty has brought himself a great success. 

不論在什麼年代,不鏽鋼極少成為藝術家創作的主要素材,Koons 卻利用它創作了一系列的雕塑,象徵永恆不凋謝的持續生命。首圖的兔子,是此系列當中最出名的作品。而每一個作品的細節都是極驚人的刻畫。

Banality - mash-ups with stuffed animals, gift shop figurines, and some other subjects, "nothing was too corny, too cloying, or too cute". This is the most playful section of the whole exhibition. To play with the mass culture, the sculptures were displayed in a gift shop product layout, which I think was very ironic but perfect for the junction. 


Made in Heaven - Koons's most controversial collection ever. Nothing less than emancipation from the shame of sex. He and his wife played Adam and Eve surrounded by symbols of fidelity and affection, which puts his audience and media into a real challenge.   

由於畫面稍微過於奔放,儘提供一張圖片。這系列非常受爭議的作品,是對性的完全解放。Koons 認為人們不應該對欲望感到羞恥,於是找來豔星合作,利用了許多象徵性的狗與花作為創作的最佳隱喻。

Easyfun - after a period of frustration, the artist had finally produced another series. This series contains a lot of double meanings that's different from previous works. The vivd and bright colors vs blank faces and the shift of attention from maker to viewers are something the artist tried to free himself from the difficulties.


在生活與婚姻雙重受挫的影響下,Koons 好不容易重新創作這系列。鮮豔的卡通臉卻沒有五官,鏡面的呈現讓主體視覺從創作者轉移到觀眾身上,創作玩味依舊但充滿自我表達的情緒張力。

Easyfun-Ethereal - Koons's start of his engagement with hand-painted oil on canvas. A lot of imaginative fragments and complexity were throw into work of this period of time.

這個時期的創作充滿了複雜的視覺設計以及天馬行空的想像,像是綜合了先前的創作模式但更加的前衛。連這個很知名的充氣大象都能找到 Koons 以往的創作元素但是似乎又更大膽了。

Celebration - a milestone to mark a cycle of life. These large-scale sculptures are a reminder for the audience and himself, as well as his abducted son that he's constantly on the father's mind. Celebration evokes many things such a birth and love, according to the brief; however, to me, after reading it, there're also a lot of other emotions such as sorrow.


Antiquity - To wrap up this exhibition, the final showroom is Koons's most recent work, where he played around with the ancient source of artwork with his interpretation.

最後一個展間的作品我一看就笑了,這尊維納斯也逃不過被 Koons 調戲啊!

This exhibition is definitely one of a kind - very inspiring and very powerful content. I'm really grateful that I got to see the vision of a crazy maniac!  


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