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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Outfit | Feeling Pastel

The best thing about hanging out with photo friends is, starting a photo session in the middle of the walk is totally normal. With people I trust, worries about composition or posing is unnecessary; paranoia about lighting is completely off limits. But to top that, those who we shared the same struggles and aspirations are just as precious as the sun, the moon and the shooting stars.

Each time hanging with people like this, I can literally feel that my metal clarity is fixed up. Each talk with talented individual like this, I truly am grateful to be getting older; for the lessons we've learned and the shimmering knowledge we've gained from the fermented experiences brought us collectively closer. Pastels would be the perfect representation for that thought, if color is needed for the reeling - soft and light, it is. None is a statement, but together, they can be genuinely placed side by side, like cotton candy clouds.



Photo by Karen Santos

Karen wrote me a sweet and kind note on her Facebook, I'm so blessed ---

I met Ariel in art school and admire her for so many reasons-- her gentle demeanor and tenacious nature, an effortless and impeccable sense of style, her clean artful photography aesthetic, and the poetic and profound way she has with words on her blog. I'm in awe of the posts where she takes fashionable self-portraits on her adventures!
She featured some of the casual portraits I took of her on our brunch date a few weeks ago and wrote a short & sweet blurb of our shared experience together (below). It made me feel sentimental and grateful to know kind, collaborative hustlers in this industry who are true to themselves and their craft, when much of the world is competitive and mainstream. I’m a believer in the energy you put out in the world is the one you’ll get back, so to have Ariel in my realm must mean I’m doing something right.

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