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Trend Report: Fisherman Sweater

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Winter is approaching while we are overwhelmed by the chaos in life. After the daylight saving, my life has gone into a misery, mourning for the substantial sunlight that's temporary gone for the season. However, looking at  the bright side, Thanksgiving and Christmas are at the corner! A fisherman sweater with cable knitting is a must. Let the hunt begin, shall we? 

冬季裡最實用的單品,除了大衣和圍巾,一件質地良好,毛料舒適的大毛衣肯定也給冬天帶來許多溫暖。除了增添保暖度,毛衣也是可以輕鬆穿出時尚度,而且實穿度極高。今天的街拍著重在漁夫毛衣(fisherman sweater)這種粗針纜繩編織(cable knitting)的毛衣搭配。不論褲裝俐落帥氣,亦或是裙裝優雅大方,粗針毛衣都能替裝扮多點可愛。

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