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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Trend Report: Flats Fashion

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原標題「時尚需要實用,平底鞋是妳最好的朋友」版權為 EVERYDAY OBJECT 版權所有|文章原始連結

High heels are women's absolute weapon. It gives us a lift on height, and it elongates the body shapes and creates better gesture. Many of the women are willing to tolerate the pain of wearing heels in order to look better or more feminite. However, it is definitely not the best or the only way to achieve your femininity. Ladies, we sacrificed way enough in the name of fashion. The body image is not necessary depending on how high your heels are or how long your hair is; Self-embracement is essential. With that said, in the execution of fashion, practicality is key. Take off your heels and put on some comfortable flats sometimes! The ability to rock some comfortable pieces are a better evidence of your fashionability. x


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