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Style Crush: Garance Doré for Zara Pictures

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
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Now, how do I begin with my love for her? Garance Dore, a photographer, a illustrator and a blogger, she's my hero. Her photography and illustrations are equally elegant, in terms of a French-women-stereotype elegance yet her style in both are so exquisite. I especially adore how she incorporates her handwriting into her works - I am a total sucker for that art of handwriting.

Recently she has announced her end of relationship with the also well-known street style photographer Scott Schuman, which both of them revealed the news on their blogs (see Garance & Scott). I am fully touched about how they exposed the situation through the blog with only few words but you can totally feel how they respect each other and the readers. I admire mature human beings and the virtue.

這位法籍攝影師/插畫家/部落客 Garance Dore 是我非常非常喜愛的一位街頭時尚攝影師。她的作品不論攝影或者插畫都擁有極度優雅,她鏡頭下的女子都顯得浪漫清冷,卻不失獨立女子的優雅自信,和她給人的形象一模一樣。此外她高度結合手寫字與圖像這點,讓我神魂顛倒。最近她和同樣是街頭時尚攝影師男友各自在部落格宣布結束七年關係回復朋友,他們簡短又真誠的信息讓人深深感受到他們對彼此的愛戴以及對讀者的尊重,令人尊敬。


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