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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Weekend Getaway Essentials

I am a creature of habits and I am extremely particular with my habits. My norms are consisted of a lot of insistences, and I never slack even when traveling. It's all about how much you are willing to push further for the lifestyle you want to live happily for. Started a little too heavy for a post like this, lets talk about traveling essentials. 


Room Service

First thing first, ROOM SERVICE. Most of the time I'll skip breakie for a faster start of the day, but when on a vacay, I'll at least spoil myself once for a fresh made food delivery to my door. Because why not?


Day Time Routines

When I am into something, I'll stick to it. That's why I don't really need to switch up my makeup routine from daily to traveling mode - it's always the same kit. I may shift a thing or two but nothing major. One advice for you to take home with - ALWAYS BUY THE SMALLEST SIZE OF THE FRAGRANCE YOU LIKE. a) You'll never finish it anyways and b) It comes really really handy for traveling.


Beauty & Accessories

Okay, I know this is a very excessive amount of nail polishes and lipsticks, but lord, if I leave the house without these, I feel like a lost soul. Life needs a purpose and travel without compromising chic is mine. 


Night Time Routine

Toiletry is the easiest to pack. I never need too many options until I finish what I am currently using. Especially with extremely sensitive skin, I definitely don't wanna risk my skin with all the hustles. For some reason I always have travel size in stash, cause you never know. Key word: Always be prepared! 


His Essentials

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