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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Girl Gang for AG Jeans

AG sent three very likable bloggers, Jess from Jess Hannah, Lisa from Just Another, and Michelle from Take Aim, to Joshua Tree for Alexa Chung's newest collection for the brand with a dearly concept behind the it - GIRL GANG. Maybe it's the blogger combo, maybe it's the location, or maybe it's the concept, I am totally head over heels for this project. 

Perhaps it is just because I'm on a little relationship rut recently and seeing images like that reignites my hope in humanity. No matter what you do, It's always better to so it with someone else; someone who can share the good, the bad, and the ugly; someone who can pull you outta that gutter.    

服飾品牌 AG 邀請了三位部落客 Jess Hannah, Lisa 和 Michelle 為品牌與 Alexa Chung 最新聯名設計系列拍攝了形象廣告,主題來自於姐妹淘。或許是拍攝地點是我個人很愛,才剛去過的國家公園,或許是三位很討喜的部落客組合,或許是姐妹淘這個主題,總之這系列照片我反覆看了又看。


Image Source: Jess Hannah & Just Another

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