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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Hang Out | Jess Loves Fred

It finally happened - I got to meet another favorite blogger before I leave the Big Apple behind and head back to reality! Jess from Jess Loves Fred and I had been trying to figure out a best day to hang but our schedules were not coincided. But at last, we managed for about an hour to meet and grabbed a quick coffee. It was short and sweet hand time, and was definitely a highlight of my trip. 

終於終於,在離開紐約的倒數幾天和來自澳洲的部落客 Jess 見上一面。連續好幾天不斷聯絡希望能湊個好時機但是兩人的行程不斷錯過,原本以為沒有機會,但是最後還是擠出了大概一個小時的時間見面!

Because of the amount of time that we got, I gave up on the idea of interviewing her like I did with Celine. Instead, it was just a meet-and-greet and a little bit chitchat. But I had a good time nonetheless. Her sweetness and sincerity that I always admire carried on to real life right at the moment we met. It is a rare attitude since the fame and mass audience tent to change a person.


Jess is one of those bloggers who really take time to write each post; by writing I mean WRITING. Every post is full of honesty. A lot of talking going on with herself and with the readers. I have been following her since probably day one of her blogging life and I can say she didn't change a bit in terms of the initial passion for blogging. Of course appearance and fashion sense changed over time, but I really appreciate her writing and how it has been contributing to the blog.  

由於我開始追部落格的年資很長,許多部落客都是我從他們幾乎一開站就開始關注的,Jess 就是其中一個。當時她只有高中呢。而她的部落格 Jess Loves Fred 幾乎每一天文章都是掏心掏肺的在寫。


I really appreciate her style and most importantly, her personality. Especially after this meet up, I have came to a realization of how blogging can be a real projection of the bloggers. How they read like are pretty much how they are in real life. Pretentious people can never be genuinely sincere even though they claimed themselves to be. That's how I feel after decades of blog reading. 

一個人的真誠是最得來不易的人際關係。特別是這次與 Jess 見面,我才真正明白以前的懷疑都是真的。一個人的個性,是會藉由文字傳達出來的,虛華的人就是會浮誇,一下子就會在其他管道洩露出來,這道理和越狹小的人越愛強調國際化是一樣的道理。(最近看很多部落客紅了以後越變越愛慕虛榮有點感慨,愛慕虛榮不見得是物質,做人態度與禮貌也算啊。)

Anyhow, each meet up that I get to spend time with gave me great inspiration in many aspects. I enjoy meeting people and see what they have to offer. Who's going to be the next? I'm ready.


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