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City Livin' | Tainan: H.G. Restaurant / 好擠

It's already been two months since I left Taiwan. How time flies sometimes scares me loads but it is, however, the sense of time and space that keeps me sane. Every time when I visited a restaurant that contains (or at least tried to emanate) that retro or vintage vibe, I couldn't help but wonder, do people really enjoy the make-ups or do we just need a little break from the modern world? 


As Cheesy as it sounds, but most of the time it is the company that I seek to go around with. I am meeting a friend currently residing the far ole Netherlands and it's been years since we last met. Now I will forever associate the retro vibe to this memory.


Regardless the thoughts, I enjoyed a lot of the decor of H.G. Restaurant, especially the lighting installations they have is spot on. But the place itself is indeed another playing hard to get kinda store hidden in the allys in Tainan. If you want it, you go get her. Good luck.



Photo by Derec and yours truly |

H.G. Restaurant / 好擠 


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