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City Livin' | San Francisco - How Can We See More Than Skin Color?

While I was roaming on the street in Hayes Valley, I came across to this street art commissioned by Mural Music Art Project. I was so inspired and had to share this message with you and people around me.

It is true that though every life was born equally, but the world is unfair. The society is composed with inevitable injustices and biases that were not built in one day. Through out the history, great minds had been trying, pushing, and giving the idea of equality but sadly there are uncountable reasons behind the mechanism. However, it is always the darkest night that reflects the brightest stars; the hardest time brings out the best mankind - There is always something we can do.

Getting intimate with the surroundings. Inspiration is everywhere. It does not acquaint in only one ethnicity or nationality. Don't let arrogance and ignorance deceive you, and don't let discrimination stop you from being an openminded and loving person. It's all about choices. 

舊金山是一個很特別的城市。非常小,但是文化擁擠。這裡的人很淡定,但是卻總是會擁有出其不意的創意。雖然保守,但是比起紐約或是巴黎那樣的世界之都,擁有更大的寬容力。舊金山的居民總會很驕傲地說,There's no place like San Francisco。(請搜尋關鍵字 #batkid #rainbowcrosswalk),而諸如此類的善意也常常隱匿在街頭。

那天在路上遇見了這樣的一個看板,上頭寫著一個問句:How do we see more than skin color? 沒有過多的描述,開放式的問題讓願意的人自行寫下並張貼回應。那麼你認為呢?美國的文化歷史背景與台灣的也許不同,但各自都擁有不同的民族集合在各自的土地上努力生活。如果你用關起來的心和淺薄的目光看世界,那麼當然,你只活在一個很驕傲的世界裡,成為一個不值得驕傲的人。世界上有許多的不公義與隔閡無法在短時間內消彌,但是用心觀察世界,任何人任何事都能帶來啓發。我相信黑夜裡的星光更閃亮。成為善人或惡人,都是選擇而已。謙卑與驕傲,也是。

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