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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Style Crush | J'aime tout chez toi

Alice and Js is a French couple from Paris, together they make their blog J'aime tout chez toi as a perpetual #relationshipgoal. Couple look is overplayed, but Alice and Js crank their game up to a whole new level - it's not just trendy couple looks, it's classy, balanced, and obviously, ultra chic. Besides the overloaded lovey-dovey sweetness, their styling sense is skillful; together they are choreographed perfectly, however, they successfully managed to indicate their personal taste in each matching outfits. How can you not #relationshipgoal this?

情侶裝已經不再流行了吧,來自巴黎的情侶檔 Alice and Js 完全超越情侶裝定義, 完美詮釋幾乎是同一套服飾的「男生版」與「女生版」。在他們的網站 J'aime tout chez toi 上,超甜蜜的合照裡呈現的是超高質感的默契搭配,契合、經典、且時髦透頂。幾乎是像編排舞蹈般的流暢,拆開來的獨照卻不失個人風格。這樣的組合,好完美。

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