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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




When Fashion Meets Art: JC de Castelbajac

JC/DC, this Casablanca born French designer(just the beautiful rhythm of the city is making me giddy), to me, is more than a fashion designer. He has been truly putting design into practice and pushing it into mundane with his huge collaborations. His design is full of energy. It stands as a statement for those confident women whom have a little quirky at heart and take fashion as a game not battle. With this banner above, you can tell that spirit and characteristics behind the following creation is fun and carefree. 

JC de Castelbajac,來自法國的設計師,對我來說已經超越服裝設計師的定義。大量的跨界合作也顯示出他是個多方位的設計師,他的設計不會只侷限在服飾。他的設計充滿活力,用色大膽帶點童趣與實驗性,就像是他的個性一樣,風趣且童心未泯。他的網站實在很可愛又充滿個性,顏色花俏但調性相當和諧。

JC de Castelbajac


Besides designing clothing, he is also a marvelous artist, who would brings chalks in his pocket and doodles around Paris. I simply adore the act. I've seen a video of people finding JC's street art on the street corner and it is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

除了設計服裝,JC 也是位畫家。他最近開始一個新的作品,就是隨身攜帶粉筆然後興致一來就在柱子上或是沒有人注意的街頭角落隨手一畫他招牌的人像,簡單的線條,不簡單的創意。

And he's making a magazine, too. Seriously he just can't stop creating. I love it. 


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