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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




When fairytale meets reality: JH Zane

JH.Zane is one of those brands that I fell head over heels after first glance. The core element is definitely feminism, however, androgynous is also in action. This editorial absolutely demonstrates the multifaceted characteristics of the brand wonderfully. It's daring but modest; it's feminine yet funky; it's when fairytale meets reality - IT'S EVERYTHING I LOVE. I like designs that are challenging in some sort. It shows the attention to detail from the designer, as well as the personality of the wearer depending on how they style the pieces. I'm simply saying, get out of that comfort zone, people. Enjoy different types of fashion, and understand how incredible it is, turning a piece of flat fabric into a work of art... enjoy the attitude and energy of uncomfortable is a skill, me thinks.

對於這種有點浪漫但是又個性十足的設計一點抵抗力都沒有。好想穿,又好想拍。連這個拍照的場景都好想要。JH.Zane 是一個令我一見鍾情的品牌,充滿女性特質但剪裁大膽創新,融合俐落以及柔軟的特質,多面相的設計元素在這輯照片中一覽無遺。我喜歡帶有點挑戰性的設計,現在的流行趨勢是極簡當道,但是對我來說那只是一個舒適圈。我喜歡懂得欣賞設計的易變性,對於原料材質都精細思考過,並且願意努力挑戰自己的設計,多美。

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