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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 





The color red has a special spot in my heart, even though dark colors are my primary, but red always caught my eye. It is bold, daring, and full of statement, but very feminine yet outward. When I finally went back to Joshua Tree; one of my forever favorite places on earth, I finally came up with a look to portrait my ideal Red; and I incorporated all thems in her direction. I wanted to create a story of a quirky but beautiful lady, seemingly lonely but absolute comfortable of being alone. I haven't been shooting digital photography for a while, so this is an exciting mix of ingenuity and intimate concept, without affectation.

總是忍不住想拍紅色,這個大膽鮮明,充滿個人宣言又極度嬌媚,自信十足的顏色。當我終於又回到 Joshua Tree 這個我極愛的國家公園,我想要用盡全力地拍出適合這個地方的樣子。有別於一般的時尚大片,想要我影像裡一貫的孤寂感,一個紅色女子充滿自信的孤獨著。好久沒有拍數位影像了,所以這一次是充滿新鮮感的個人企劃加上很真誠坦白的畫面呈現,不做作的拍完了。

Photography & Art Direction: Ariel Tzu-Chi
Make-up & Model: Devon Blowers

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