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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Editorial: Kiko Mizuhara for Emoda

For the past 2 years, Kiko Mizuhara hasn't been impressing much. Sad to admit cause she is one of my favorite euroasian model of all time. But after her huge hit in the industry she seems to cling to all the wrong places and let that take over her modeling. However, she's making a strong comeback with her newly released editorial for Emoda 5th anniversary campaign.  Mizuhara has picked up her long lost charm and it works wonders. 

近兩年對於水原希子在平面的表現感到無趣,總覺得她人氣大爆發之後外務太多,花邊比作品來的搶眼。雖然作品很多,但她那股最吸引我的鬼靈精怪氣質,還有直拗的眼神已逝。Emoda 甫發佈的五週年最新形象,我好像看到希子回來了。

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