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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Le Labo Fine Fragrances

This Summer I purchased my very first Le Labo Fragrance, which is a NYC exclusive edition - TUBEREUSE 40. It begins with a hit of tangerine that develops into white florals and wraps up with sandalwood kind of woody  bliss. I love the absolute and nothing less. I love the exclusivity and unique tease.

The store I visited is in East Village, I went in at an afternoon that was greeted with a sudden rainstorm. I spent quite some time there sniffing around dousing in good scents, and no one was fussing, people kindly chatted and smiled - I never loved rainy day but that day was absolutely fine and calm. I put a little note on my bottle that belongs to summer 2015; TUBEREUSE 40 now smells like summer in rain.

今年夏天正式收藏了一瓶 Le Labo 的紐約限定香氛,只有在紐約買的到的珍貴,從柑橘味發展成白花卉,最後醞釀成帶有檀香的木質氣味,喜歡這種完全絕對。

拜訪為在東村的店面那天,紐約下著急促的陣雨,我進店裡躲雨的同時,玩遍了店裡的香氛品,和店員聊著天的同時,覺得這個雨天特別美好。在瓶身上上了個 Summer 2015 的字條,這瓶香水竟然也有了雨天的味道。

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