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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Loq with That's Chic

I remember years ago, when I just discovered the world of fashion blogs, Rachel from That's Chic was one of my biggest inspiration. I adore her aesthetics and personality dearly, and I really admire how she developed her style and business so successfully yet still keeping it grounded. She grew so much with her style, but she is still the girl I first came across on her lovely blog.

This editorial captured her and her style in a nutshell, within the year of her blondie phase. The shoe brand LOQ fuses California’s relaxed sensibility with the intention to redefine classics for the modern day woman.

我還記得時尚部落格才剛開始展露頭腳的時候,That's Chic 是我很喜歡,至今也依舊喜愛的部落格之一。隨著商機與市場的影響,許多部落客早已發展成另一種模式,但幾年後,Rachel 依舊是那個古靈精怪又幽默迷人的加州女子。

這輯她與品牌 LOQ 合作的拍攝,我覺得巧妙地把 Rachel 的個性展現得恰到好處,配上品牌追求的休閒摩登,是一股很流暢的視覺表現。

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