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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Mango: Cities & Stories

Produced by Freunde von Freunden, Mango has released a new fascinating project/campaign under the name "Cities and Stories". It is a honest and authentic approach towards the diverse creative and cultural backgrounds of the individuals that participated in the project in order to bring out the essence of fashion - the passion of life.

As a loyal customer, I am pleased to see such a sincere project beautifully done by one of my favorite clothing brand. Though, this is merely part of the gimmick of advertising but lifestyle is always the core of fashion and it deserves attention. Being able to access people's life is absolutely bringing the branding image to another level, don't you think?

近來許多品牌紛紛主打焦點人物,請來各界人士穿著品牌服飾並拍攝一系列的視覺採訪。 Mango 最新企劃是我個人覺得相當成功的作品。這系列的視覺創意著重在不同城市裡各自迥異的文化背景與生活方式,並藉此帶出時尚的中心思想:對生活的態度。穿著打扮只是人際溝通的其中一項工具,只是生活的一小部分,最終還是要回歸到穿衣者的人生哲學。


Linda Bujoli, Paris / Photographer - Visual Artist 

Hanna Putz - Photographer 

"Depending on how I feel, that's the way I choose to dress - which can be rather loud or quiet, like myself."

Frank Lottermann, Frankfurt / Strategic Designer

"Fashion is one of the oldest tools of communication, it express so much."

Ludwig Cramer-Klett, Berlin / Restaurature and Entrepreneur 

"Food is the new fashion."

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