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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Maria Van Nguyen for Her The Label

While lurking on the online store of her the label, I am beyond pleasant to see the collaboration with one of my all time favorite bloggers from Oslo, Maria Van Nguyen. Eye-candy to me, these two beauties are a perfect assortment. Maria has that one of a kind taste in fashion; minimal, structural, and effortless. From her blog to her design work, the aesthetics are flawless. I love reading how she aggregates fashion and style so naturally - every single post is a personal message to the reader; fashion is like breathing to her. No antics, indeed a rare find that's more than labels.  

當我翻著 her. 的網站,遙想著去海邊旅行的計劃,看見了我極喜歡的華裔挪威籍部落客 Maria Van Nguyen 與她的合作,內心充滿一股淡藍色。我非常非常欣賞 Maria 的美感,極簡、結構、舒適,在她的服裝設計作品內也一覽無遺。我還喜歡她的網站上的完全自主性,簡單隨性的寫著時尚、生活和靈感。也許不是主流,但是質感很多很多。

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