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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Gentle & Uncompromised: Marieyat

I find myself keep coming back to this lookbook of Marieyat; I've never seen a lingerie editorail being so realistic, almost unedited. Without any intention of emphasizing on sexy female figures, Marieyat is so simple and comfortable YET delivering an unconventional, delicate story. It is so lovely to see a perspective from woman for women - no exaggeration on sexy whatsoever - of comfort. BUT IT'S JUST SO PURELY PROVOCATIVE. It makes women believe who they are. Being confident of being a woman is not always necessarily fighting for feminism, it's just because we are capable of being who we are - simple as that. Marieyat conveys the story of empowerment as well as the delicacy of female body form. Comfort is the new sexy, she nailed it.

反覆看上好幾遍依舊覺得動人。Marieyat 是一個女性內衣品牌,販售的除了是貼身衣物之外,我看見更多的是真實與自信。沒有過多的修飾,也沒有誇張的賣弄風騷,無需搖旗吶喊的大喊女性主義,用這樣輕柔的方式訴說一種來自女人想傳達給女人的體貼。這裡的裸露,比起追求性感,更多得是一種直白的自在,卻更加具有撼動力。女人的柔軟,像水,平靜卻巨大。

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