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Midnight San Francisco

So I went to stay in line for the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus release. It may sound crazy, or even stupid to some; but seriously, if you never did this before, you have no right to judge. Because you know nothing about how it is. To me, it is all about the experience. I am a new tech junkie but not gonna lie, I was also one of those making fun of people who go crazy and stay in line for days just to get the new phone. But this time, I myself lined up over night, on the street, out and open, brought me a new vision of the event and a great lesson on human behavior and urban sociology. It may sounded like I have completely lost my mind but for real, I thought through it and learned many thing fro this night.

是的,新 iphone 開始販售的前一晚,我去排隊了。先別笑,先別說我瘋了。如果你從來沒有做過某件事,你根本沒有資格笑別人神經,因為你根本沒有那樣的經驗,當然也沒有什麼資格取笑別人了。


I went with a friend who's experienced with this matter so we prepped a chair, a guitar, a backpack full of snacks, books, and my homework.

A lot of people are very experienced, they prepared themselves very comfortable fishing chairs, and some even have blankets; laptops, iPods and iPads are essential. You would probably imaging this as a very nerdy and boring activity, but most of the people are just chilling, or chatting. The street right next to us was having construction all night long- which provides a great entertainment to kill time.


The downtown Apple Store opened early for the big day. The staff came in for presentation at around 4 am, serving coffee and breakfast burrito. Then the process of purchasing a new iPhone went ultra smooth. From the time I arrived on the street 'till I got my iPhone was exactly 12 hours. It was time consuming, and it was crazy. But I am glad I had the experience in my life. At least I know how it feels now.

蘋果店員們大約凌晨四點多到店集合開始準備工作,從貨車倉庫搬貨、發送咖啡給排隊的大家,稍後還有早餐,整個的流程以及服務算是很優秀的。買手機的過程更是不必說的鬧哄哄,但是相當流暢。從我開始排隊到拿到手機離開蘋果店的那一刻,是剛好 12 個小時。聽起來很瘋嗎?下次還會不會不知道,但我很慶幸這一次我做過這樣的事情。


I walked a lot in San francisco but mostly with purposes; running errands, grabbing coffee, or going to school, etc. Lots of time I would go out for a walk but at the same time I could't stop taking photos (I am a photographer) or window shopping; or sitting in a cafe and people watching. I would say I am wanderer but definitely not a flâneur. However, this past weekend I had a chance to be on the street in the middle of the night and do exactly nothing. I got out at around 11 pm and as as time went by, I started to notice something I never paid attention to. The worker of the downtown construction worked all night mixing concrete and drilling the ground - the time that most of the people are in deep sleep is their prime time working. I looked at the red light blinking in the dark while no one's on the street passing but I find it a very romantic scene. Or the homeless on Powell street was trying to squeeze himself into the corner of a closed shop front door. Ladies who just got out of the bar and their high heels sounds was echoing in the night. The 24 hours Starbucks contains people who need a hot coffee in the freezing night and the warm tone lighting reflected on the window. It was kind of an odd night for me but the city never sleeps kept me well companied.  

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