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Style Crush | Missingavenue

Asian Fashion is never my forte, hence within the Style Crush category I focus mostly on Westerners. However, it does not mean there is no one to highlight on. Melody from MissingAvenue is totally a personal favorite. In fact, my recent post of Anarïels Diary Vol. 2 is inspired from Melody's ICELAND PHOTO DIARY; she got me so hooked on the majestic landscape and dreamy atmosphere.  

在我偏好的有型人當中,歐美人士佔了絕大多數,但是這並不表示亞洲人裡沒有值得欣賞的時尚人。來自新加坡的 Melody 就是我私心相當喜愛的一位。自從在她的部落格 MissingAvenue 裡看到她的冰島日記之後,讓我朝思暮想,連 Anarïels Diary Vol. 2 指甲油交換日記都寫了。

Urban, romantic, and feminine are the three words I would use when describing Melody's style. I absolutely admire how she can balances girly elements with modern silhouette so perfectly. It's a perfect amount of demure and sharp - very bold, but never too much. Perhaps it has something to do with her super high-fashion looking face... I would love to photograph her one day if the All Mighty answers my wishes. Now take a good look into her style and tell me how you think about it. x

都市淑女、浪漫風格、女性氣質,是我對 Melody 的解釋。我很欣賞她可以大膽的把許多對我而言太浪漫的服飾詮釋的相當有個人風格,巧妙的平衡了俐落與柔美,許多極具女人味的元素在她身上一點也不過分。或許是和她相當有個人特色的五官有關,我個人覺得她有一張現代時尚臉,很適合很大膽甚至是有點誇張的元素(好想拍她!)。以下是我收集的幾套穿搭,希望妳也會喜歡。

All images are from MissingAvenue

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