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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Monterey Bay Photo Diaries & Vlogs

Spring break this year was successful. I finally got to take a mini road trip to the Monterey Bay with a group of friends and immersed in the shade of blue like fish in the sea. 


Day One

Day Two

"The universe is attaining an expression of itself." - Thomas Berry

So shouldn't we follow the direction and make the universe an universe? When life opens a door that leads to unknown, do you dare enough to take it? I do. I know it may seem to be outrageous to some but it's nice to take on the (literally) light side sometimes. Skydiving, this scenario had been mapped out like a charm. It was truly an amazing experience that does not happen on your way to school. I'd safe to say it was one of the best moment ever happened. Please note that I wasn't playing with my life, it was consciously chosen to be done.


Day Three

Finally the mini trip has coming to an end. I couldn't ask for a better destination to end this trip on a high note. I experienced heaps and learnt loads. Traveling serves as an excellent reminder of two things, first is, obviously, to explore the unknown; secondly, and the most importantly, to reflect on one's own. If the trip does not provide you anything more than a full memory card, then you did not truly understand the meaning of traveling. In other words, interpretation and contemplation. Looking forward for what's the world going to offer. 


Photo by Joo & yours truly

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