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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Outfit | My Default

A lot of time I'm in my default. I mean, who isn't? No one dresses up all day. It just doesn't make sense. Everyone should have a default look to go by. For me, when I feel like diving in my comfort zone, I tent to dress loose everything but keeping my hands busy - rings and more rings! 


COS top | Vintage skirt from Grandma | Zara boots | MbMJ watch |
 YangYang necklace | Glove by Galoop hat | Nars audacious lipstick - Jane |

About Glove by Galoop

Galoop 是我出國以前很喜歡的一個國產品牌,除了服飾之外,還有販售一些筆記本或卡片之類的創意設計。這次過了好多年回國突然又逛到,發現品牌整體質感提升很多,從以前的年輕潮牌風格轉換成沈穩但不忘調味的氣質,少了些塗鴉,多了些利落。副牌 Glove 也很不錯,我還看到了這頂我物色很久的香菇帽,還買了指甲油很開心。

Photo by Anais, edited by yours truly

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