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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Nails | Recent Favorites

I have to confess that I am a 100% nail polish freak. I've tried all kind of colors and texture without hesitations. Finding a new shade to put on my nails is always an ongoing mission,  just because it's the best accessory you can easily obtained. In this post, I have three nail polishes which are perfect for overtopping your plain color nails.


  Across the Universe -Deborah Lippmann   l  ayered over   901 DIVA by Dior   (black with shimmer)

Across the Universe -Deborah Lippmann layered over 901 DIVA by Dior (black with shimmer)

  O.P.I. D22 The Man with Golden Gun   layered over   O.P.I. D17 Live and Let Die   (smoky green) 

O.P.I. D22 The Man with Golden Gun layered over O.P.I. D17 Live and Let Die (smoky green) 

  Sephora Topper - Finition   on top of   Wet n Wild 204B Private Viewing   (nude)

Sephora Topper - Finition on top of Wet n Wild 204B Private Viewing (nude)

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