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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




New York Photo Guide

Visiting New York has became a summer ritual for me. It almost feels like I need to be there and feel the blood and sweat to make the closure because of the inadequate San Franciscan summer. 


Newly ventured thrifted store, and yet by far the chicest one I've ever step foot in. The vintage soul covered with modern spirit, it is my true soulmate.  


The blistering summer heat got me craving some ice-cream dessert. Eda took me to the this Japanese cafe and we chatted away.


Modern Japanese cuisine, it may be slightly deviant from what you expect for Japanese but the homemade and delicate cold dishes fits perfectly to my mid-summer appetite. 


Hudson River Park

This park is perfect for after dinner walk. Right before sunset the color tone is intensive yet peaceful that it almost feel like a different universe. 


New york bagels somehow is a hype, I disagree. I mean, American bagels stay American within America; born in New York does not make the bagel much tastier. But if you have to try it, go to Black Seed. I approve.  


Don't you love a hidden gem in this big wild smelly city? 


That big, wide, long, wooden table in the center of the space. Check. A bookshelf that is ceiling high. Check. I so check this place.


I am just obsessed with the roll-up and sporadic plants. Just too chill to be true.  


Finally checked off this flea market, thanks to Jun. It's so different from the ones we have here in San Francisco. I scored several pieces that'll be featured in coming posts, so stay tuned.


A beautiful exhibition that definitely worth the visit. If you're into haute couture and consider anything around the realm as an art, GO.


A space like this is donation based admission is like the best thing you can ever asked for. Just go and sit around, pretending like you're art-seer is fun, too. But seriously, go see some great art.



I personally is a contemporary art lover. Comparing to Classical, I find it more personal and intimate. Therefore, MoMA is a must go.

來紐約豈有不來 MoMA 的道理。

Lower East Village

Causally picked up some moments on the street in the rainy day. I love the tranquil quality that's glowing from within in these.    


Having paella with an old friend when the city is granted with unexpected thunder and moist. 


Brunch date is regular basis in this city. I mean, it's just a great excuse to indulge yourself with good company and food. So why not? 



The most useless chapter to be mentioned in any tour guide book. So I'll spare you with my shopping spree with two representative images. 


West Village: Buvette & Toby's Estate

Had an amazing day with Celine, who I interviewed exactly a year ago, which also marked the birthday of this website. She took me to her favorite brunch place in West Village and we moved to Toby's in Lower West. This day was a perfect closure of my NYC summer 2015. See you next year.


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