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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Brand Focus: Oak + Fort

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I never tried to hide my passion for fast fashion brands like Zara or H&M. Though there are some flaws about the masstige (I've talked about it here), but I do appreciate the easy access for trend and style - I am talking about the fashion itself, not the labor and market manipulation for another day, another topic. When the fashion industry in Taiwan has been corrupted by online boutiques and the quantity > quality marketing behind it, I am truly grateful for being immediate with the possibility of finding brands that support style over fashion.   

The Canadian brand Oak + Fort is a recent favorite, for it's simplicity and the philosophy of what they have been practicing: OAK + FORT is a belief that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed. I got hooked immediately. Providing for the like-minded customers, Oak + Fort has already occupying my closet oh so dearly.

說真的,對於那麼多的歐美流行服飾品牌我是心存感激的。當網路拍賣充斥著不切實際的彩色泡泡以及網美們所帶來的幻象,這些平價消費以及比較類似自己喜愛的風格的去處真是救了我一命。但是久而久之,對於平價品牌愈趨普遍,又充滿了尋找新品牌的欲望。來自加拿大的 Oak + Fort 就是我所新開發的品牌。

2010 年創立,Oak + Fort 致力於尋找符合他們生活哲學的服飾,『時尚應該是不過度複雜,卻精心設計過的』。這樣的理念,完全落實在他們的衣款裡。簡單素色不花俏,彷彿每一件單品都可以用拼貼的方式互相組合,把舒服的時尚,傳達給擁有相同想法的消費者。時尚講求的是量力而為,而 Oak + Fort,剛剛好。

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