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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




On Vacay | Bold Red

Jumper: Zara | Belt: French Connection | Shoes: Cutio | Photo by: Paige 

Never in my life I'd thought one day, I'll be wearing this crazily loud jumper in my life, EVER. But hey, I guess never say never. Funny thing is, I saw many people grabbed this jumper to try on but didn't end up buying it. I guess it IS too bold to rock.

Went to the famous MoMA rain room with my girl Paige today! Finally catching up when we are both in NYC. What an experience when you can hang out with your great friend in another city... We hung all day and it felt so different 'cause I've been roaming in the city by myself for the past weeks. However, I do enjoy it a lot. I think the bright red suits the midtown perfectly.

從來沒想過我會把這樣紅吱吱的衣物穿在身上。但是在 Zara 一眼看到就愛上了。能和好友在異地相見,有一種很不可思議的感覺。穿上了大紅連身褲,去了美術館。去哪裡都不要緊,要緊的是一起,因為不論去哪都有趣。必須承認穿成這樣走在路上有點害羞,直到進了中城才自然許多,在紐約這樣的城市,也有不合時宜呢。

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