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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Outfit | Grandpa Style

Though the world enjoys women and their curves, I am on the other hand, all about oversized articles and that dapper chic; those pieces that blend between gents and ladies with hints of the opposite. I guess you can call it "unisex-ed", but I like the term "neutral" better. Everything I wear is never extremely leaning towards any silhouette, never too feminine but I wouldn't intentionally dress like a tomboy, either. That, also applies to my personality deeply. I am talking about being neutral.   



 Zara duster | Oak + Fort vest & pants |  Vanessa Mooney necklace |
COS rings | G&B bangles | AWang shoes | Nars - Jane lipstick | Photo by Jen, edited by yours truly |


Sometimes people comment on my outfit saying I look like a granny or grampy with certain choice of items or patterns. People, ranging from family members to friends, are sometimes the ones that interfere your life the most in the most disturbing manner. They think they do, but no one knows better than myself what should I wear or how I should look. As long as I feel good with what I wear and am not challenging the moral standards, it is okay of what and how I wear it.  


Everyone should be harmony with who you are and how you live. Personal style is a muted statement. It acts like a silent introduction. We all have a few clothes that make us feel comfortable rather than reflecting the trends; if you don't, it's time to figure out your life. To me, grandpa style is one of it.


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