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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Outfit | Urban Anthropologist

Top: Brandy Melville | Trousers: Theory | Loafers: Rebecca Minkoff | Photo by: Estelle

I've been thinking that people nowadays seem to take overdressing plainly wrong. What's overdressing? In a society where tshirts can cost $200 and to me - that's OVERdressing. Who needs a sweatshirt for $300 really? 

Being able to afford the high end items gives people judgemental attitude as the world couldn't have gone any worse. Sure the masstige and fast fashion are some knockoffs and simply transforming the designers artwork into the mass production and it creates a certain level of plagiarizing. However, it provides people platforms to dress nice. The fashion may not be original, but the style is (there you go, modestly bringing out the spirit of "fak3shion"). You simply can't support fashion when you don't have a style.

Back to my initial topic literally - overdressing. The line between well-dressed and casual has been blurred. It is now a society where people can wear sneakers to work or jeans to weddings. Remember the times that you dressed up to eat at a luxurious restaurant with family? Or back in the days when people dressed up to board air planes and ferries? Gone are those days when people show respect, expectation, and excitement of the event by dressing up. What I am trying to say is, people are less sensitive to dressing up and finding themselves embarrassed or uncomfortable doing so. Why?

I have often been told that I was dressing "too much" for such occasion - say grocery shopping or just a quick dine out; or "don't dress up! We are just grabbing coffee"; "too much makeups for this!", while what I did was the same old rutine - time and amount. People who said that to me, or was thinking inside their head was missing the point. I WANTED to wear like that. I FELT like looking clean and ready for this occasion. Sure I can dress "down" (I prefer "casual"), but that'll be my decision. That's all. It's about me, not you, telling me it's not proper. 

I guess all the fuss I'm trying to clear out here is, style is all about the self that's supporting it. My personal theory of "To look good all the time" is not funded by the expensive stuff I have or the conscious of my outfit when someone thinks it's a lot. It's me being confident and comfortable of what I wear. It takes time to do so. I don't woke up like this - it's a cultivation of my own taste through out years that's still in development along with my personality and appearance, (age matters, my friend) plus occasional experiments. 

Do it if you feel like doing it.


平價快速時尚固然是一種變相抄襲以及市場消耗,但在這個一件踢恤可要價上千元的社會裡,大眾時尚提供了可以選擇培養自我風格的機會,畢竟沒有風格,是無法支撐風尚的。(fashion 該是一種生活指標,一種生活精神,一種生活方式;style 是個人風格,個人選擇,個人目標)我想說的是,當我被旁人指稱穿太漂亮,或者只是快去快回何必特意打扮時,他們都誤會了一件事:因為我想這麼穿啊,就這樣簡單。我想時刻都以適合我的樣子出現,如果想穿的簡單,我有我的方法,而不是一定要跟誰一樣踢恤牛仔褲夾腳拖(不是每個人都適合穿牛仔褲的啊)。


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