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Trend Report: Raw Hem Denim

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
原標題「讓丹寧回歸粗獷不羈」版權為 EVERYDAY OBJECT 版權所有|文章原始連結

Recently I am on a hunt of a perfect pair of jeans, but unluckily, still in vain. I personally don't think myself look good in jeans, hence the difficult tasks. Though I don't wear a lot of denim, I do love this classic trend and the wash on the fabric is just so fascinating. No matter it's skinny, cigarette, boyfriend, cut off, high waisted...any trend with denim is crack at any given junction in life.

This new fall/winter denim trend is getting me turned on so quickly when I first saw it on almost every street style blog that I read daily. The raw hem denim. How do I even begin... the frayed edged around the ankle is just perfect to make women's ankles look sexier than ever. I love the contrast of sharp vs. soft. The most importantly, you can simply create this look by cutting off the hem of any jeans you own, and throw it in the washing machine and voila.

單寧是永遠不敗的經典單品,款式也許會變,但是它的存在在時尚世界裡已經汗空氣與水等同重要。不論是男友褲、煙管褲、破褲、高腰褲還是超貼身的 skinny,每一種風格在時尚潮流裡都有不可抹滅的時代性。如果你也是丹寧愛好者,那麼今年秋冬這個屬於牛仔褲的潮流-不收邊褲管- 你可要抓緊了。


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