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Brand Focus: Reed Krakoff resort 2014

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Reed Krakoff 2014 最新一季的度假系列,極簡的設計,利落的剪裁,柔和卻不失洗鍊的配色,簡直就是在宣告度假萬歲。那輕柔柔的徐峰,懶洋洋的草地,軟綿綿雲糖,赤焰焰的豔陽,濃烈烈的曬影和辣燙燙的細沙,這一切風和日麗都完美的呈現在設計裡,讓妳優雅的旅行。疊字已用盡,妳還不立馬安排個海島度假行程嗎?太忙碌的話,別忘了台灣也是個海島啊。夏天到了,度假不成的話,那只好把氣氛穿在身上浪漫一下了。

High street brand are always attractive. They always manage to bring out the best of cold cuttings, clean lines,  sophisticated color palette and experimental pattern mixing. With that said, not all designs are desirably wearable, because that are creation of artistic minds. In shorts, they are not for you to wear! However, the resort collections are the one aims to come down from the catwalk into mundane life. Reed Krakoff 2014 resort collection are my dream collection of the season.... just look at the  beautifully portrayed summer holiday vibe; the candylicious sore blue and sandy nude; the grass green and sea foam white; everything is calling for a getaway.

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