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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Remix: Yang Yang Together Necklace

One of my most satisfying purchases I made while I was in Taiwan looking for local designers' beautiful work. Yang Yang is one of them. I bought these two "Together" necklaces in VII  and V. I fell fast for the earth an moon looking design; any assembles of astronomy is my weak spot. Especially when I layer them together (pun intended), it lives for its proper meaning.

在台灣的時候只買了台灣設計師的設計。大楊小楊的項鍊就是其中之一,讓人愛不釋手的設計。我一眼就相中「在一起」系列中像地球一般的 VII 還有擁有月亮皎銀的 V。質感很好之外,穿搭度也非常優秀,合體絕美卻又各自成立。特別喜歡大楊小楊的品牌精神,每每戴著都覺得很有力量。

About Yang Yang / 大楊小楊

Yang Yang is a father-daughther jewelry design and manufacture based in Taiwan. Unlike most heritable business, Yang Yang was founded by the designer daughter Lingling, who was brought up with her father's hardware business, which is a weaken fare nowadays in Taiwan. Lingling saw the potential of combining the raw materials with her design, together they recreate modern accessory pieces with the warmth and spirit of tradition and heritage. I am wholeheartedly moved by the concept. I understand how hard it could be to hold the ground for what you believed in but Yang Yang truly set a great example. 


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